Welcome to Eden Hope Academy

Hebraic education is a God-centered, God-glorifying teaching style that allows each child to develop into the unique person God designed them to be.  Knowledge is instilled by teaching a love of learning and a desire to discover more about God’s creation.  From strumming ukuleles to studying Spanish with Eden Hope’s Mauro the Spanish Toucan, geography, history, vocabulary, science, art and presentation, our students embrace God’s creation and discover the joy of learning. 


Ukulele and Dance

When you strum the ukulele, your whole body feels the music. Strumming strengthens mirror neurons, builds muscle, and improves coordination.



Hola! Spanish is Fun with Mauro the Toucan! Listen to our Spanish memory songs above!



Eden Hope students sing, strum, build, paint, present, create and have a great time each week! Click here to see how much fun we had this week!

Recent Photos & Blog:

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We used special paper in science today. The paper has a chemical reaction to ammonia. Each child drew a picture of themselves on their paper. We discussed chemical reactions, specifically how molecules interacting can produce unexpected results.


My husband-clone, first daughter sat on my lap with her feet curling around my legs as I played with her wisps of blond curls. “Alpha, beta, gamma, delta epislion, zeta, eta, theta….” She was four and I was consumed with


We create our Timeline Cards at Eden Hope. Douglas chose mirrors to represent the narcissism of Herod the Great. J., who is autistic, recreated Jesus’ birth using a basket and sparkly gold fabric to represent God’s glory.